May 10, 2021


Welcome to Daily Current Affair Quiz - May 10, 2021

Q1. What is correct about National Commission on Backward Classes?1) It is constituted under Article 338B of the Constitution
2) It is a five member body
3) It adviseson development of socially backward classes
Q2. What is correct in the context of ‘Pangolins’ ?1) Indian Pangolins are endangered
2) Both Indian & Chinese Pangolins can be found in India
Q3. ‘Tiangong’, recently seen in news, What is correct about it?
Q4. For which of the following purposes can uranium be used?1) counterweights in aircraft
2) Making nuclear weapons
3) Shield against radiation
4) Transporting radioactive material
5) Halting radiation
Q5. ‘Manis crassicaudata’ is the scientific name for?

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