IAS – April 9, 2021


Welcome to Daily Current Affair Quiz - April 9, 2021

Q1. Which of the following statement is correct about Draft Migrant Policy 2021?1) It has been prepared by Ministry of Labour& Employment
2) It is based on right based approach.
Q2. Sinai peninsula lies between?
Q3. Match the following1) B.1.351       a) South African variant
2) B.1.617.     b) Britain variant
3) P.1.            c) Double mutant variant found in India
4) B.1.1.7.      d) Brazil variant
Q4. Which of the following statements are correct about UNCLOS 1982?1) Territorial waters rights extend to surface, seabed, subsoil but not to airspace.
2) Exclusive Economic Zone extendsof a coastal state extends seaward up to 250nautical miles from its baseline.
Q5. ‘COVACNEWS’ recently seen in news. Which of the following is correct about it?1) It is an android-based mobile app made for ensuring information related to COVID-19 vaccineat the fingertips.
2) It is available in English and Hindi only.

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