IAS – April 10, 2021


Welcome to Daily Current Affair Quiz - April 10, 2021

Q1. What is correct about ‘Model Code of Conduct’?1) It was introduced in the 1952 Lok Sabha elections.
2) It is not statutory.
Q2. ‘SARTHAQ2, Recently seen in news. Choose the correct statement about it?1) It is the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 implementation plan for school education.
2) It is a flexible plan.
Q3. Tick the correct statement.1) Geographically rare species living on islands face higher extinction risk due to climate change than the mainland regions’ species.
2) Widespread species are more likely to go extinct with unchecked temperature increases than species that are endemic.
Q4. Which of the following statement is correct?1) India’s limit of the territorial waters is the line every point of which is at a distance of twelve nautical miles from the nearest point of the appropriate baseline.
2) Innocent passage is allowed in Territorial waters
Q5. What is correct about Strait of Malacca1) It joins the Andaman Sea and the South China.
2) It is the longest and narrowest Strait in the world.

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