April 27, 2021


Welcome to Daily Current Affair Quiz -  April 27, 2021

Q1. What is correct in the context of ‘Green Revolution’?1) It was introduced primarily in Northwestern states of India
2) The soils of Punjab, Haryana were highly suitable for water-intensive crops
Q2. What is ‘Project DANTAK’, recently seen in news?
Q3. What is correct about ‘Chimera’ ?1) It is a term for world’s first monkey embryos containing human cells.
2) It can help in treating human diseases
Q4. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?1) Ravanchayya         Odisha
2) Gombeyyata          Karnataka
3) TolpayaKuthu       Tamil Nadu
Q5. Which of the following statements is correct about Indian crops?1) Barley, mustard and wheat are Rabi crops
2) In terms of largest production of wheat, India ranks at number one in the world

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