April 24, 2021


Welcome to Daily Current Affair Quiz -  April 24, 2021

Q1. What is correct about SWAMITVA Scheme?1) It has been launched by Kerala
2) It allows using property as a financial asset by villagers for availing loans and other financial benefits
Q2. What is correct in the context of Aluminium scrap recycling technology?1) Conventional technology separates magnesium, which is hazardous to the environment
2) Both Conventional and new technology are feasible only for large scale industries
Q3. What is the scientific name for double mutant corona virus first found in India?
Q4. What is correct about Crew-2 Mission?1) Crew-2 astronauts will join the members of Expedition 65 in International Space Station
2) It is first crew rotation of the SpaceX Crew Dragon
Q5. Which is the most abundant gas found on the atmosphere of Red planet?

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