April 23, 2021


Welcome to Daily Current affair Quiz -  April 23, 2021

Q1. Who is the chairman of National Executive committee under the Disaster Management Act 2005?
Q2. Which of the following statements related to La Niña is correct?1) La Niña is cold phase of Pacific Ocean
2) It can lead to drop in sea level
3) It is associated with good Indian Monsoon
Q3. India has recently signed ‘Climate and clean energy Agenda 2030 partnership’ with which country?
Q4. ‘#FOSS4GOV Innovation Challenge’ recently seen in news. What is correct about it?1) It has been launched by Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology
2) It will further the aim of ‘e-governance’ in India
Q5. What is correct in the context of Air pollution in India?1) Both absenteeism and presenteeism can impact Labour productivity due to air pollution
2) Air pollution can reduce the efficiency of solar panels

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